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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a fast-paced game that requires not only precise aim and strategic thinking but also mastery of movement mechanics. Understanding and effectively utilizing movement techniques can give you a significant advantage in engagements and help you navigate the map more efficiently. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into two essential movement mechanics in CS:GO: strafing and bunny hopping. We will explore the mechanics, provide tips on how to execute them effectively, and discuss their applications in different gameplay scenarios.

Strafing: Moving with Precision 

Strafing is a movement technique that involves quickly changing direction while maintaining momentum. It allows you to move laterally, making it harder for opponents to hit you while maintaining your own accuracy. Here are some key points to consider when mastering strafing: csgo book 

Counter-strafing: Counter-strafing is the technique of quickly stopping your movement in one direction by pressing the opposite movement key. For example, if you’re moving to the right, you would tap the left key to instantly stop and shoot accurately. Mastering counter-strafing allows you to quickly transition from movement to shooting with precision.

Peeking and Jiggle Peeking: Strafing is particularly useful when peeking corners or engaging in duels. By combining strafing with counter-strafing, you can peek a corner while minimizing exposure to potential threats. Jiggle peeking involves quickly peeking out and back into cover to gather information without fully committing to an engagement. It can help you gather intel on enemy positions and bait out shots.

Aerial Movement: Strafing can also be used while in mid-air to make your movement more unpredictable. By incorporating air strafing, you can change your trajectory, making it harder for opponents to track your movements and land shots. This technique is particularly useful when navigating jumps or evading enemy fire.

Efficient Movement 

Bunny hopping is a movement technique that involves stringing together consecutive jumps to maintain and increase your movement speed. It allows you to traverse the map faster and more efficiently. Here are some tips to help you master bunny hopping:

Perfecting Timing: Bunny hopping requires precise timing to execute effectively. You need to jump just as you touch the ground to maintain momentum. The goal is to minimize the time your feet spend on the ground, allowing you to chain jumps smoothly. Practice the timing in offline servers or community maps to develop muscle memory.

Strafe-based Bunny Hopping: Strafing is an essential component of bunny hopping. As you jump, simultaneously strafe in the direction you want to move. By combining strafing and jumping, you can gain speed and maintain momentum while bunny hopping. Practice strafe-based bunny hopping to maximize its effectiveness.

Stutter Step: Stutter stepping is a technique used in bunny hopping to maintain speed and control. It involves quickly tapping the opposite movement key while jumping to minimize your contact time with the ground. This allows you to continue your bunny hopping chain without losing speed or momentum.

Long Jumps: Bunny hopping can be combined with long jumps to cover greater distances. To execute a long jump, crouch before jumping and then release the crouch key mid-air. This technique propels you forward, allowing you to traverse large gaps and obstacles more efficiently.

Practical Applications 

Understanding and mastering strafing and bunny hopping opens up several practical applications in CS:GO. Here are some scenarios where these movement mechanics can give you a competitive edge:

Engagements and Duels: Strafing and counter-strafing are essential during engagements and duels. By incorporating strafing, you can make yourself a harder target to hit while maintaining accuracy. Counter-strafing allows you to quickly transition from movement to precise shooting, giving you an advantage in one-on-one encounters.

Map Navigation: Efficient movement is crucial when navigating the map. Bunny hopping allows you to traverse the map quickly, giving you an advantage in reaching objectives, rotating, or securing map control. By mastering bunny hopping, you can surprise opponents with unexpected speed and position yourself strategically.

Evading Enemy Fire: Strafing and bunny hopping can help you evade enemy fire effectively. By incorporating quick changes in direction and maintaining high movement speed, you can make yourself a more elusive target. This can buy you precious time to reposition, take cover, or gain a positional advantage.

Bomb Planting and Defusing: Efficient movement is crucial when planting or defusing the bomb. Strafing can make you a harder target to hit, increasing your chances of successfully completing the objective. Bunny hopping can help you quickly navigate the bomb site, evading potential threats and creating confusion among opponents.


Mastering movement mechanics in CS:GO, specifically strafing and bunny hopping, is essential for gaining an advantage in engagements, navigating the map efficiently, and evading enemy fire. By practicing and refining these techniques, you can improve your overall movement precision, speed, and control. Remember, these mechanics require time and dedication to master, so be patient and persistent in your training. Incorporate these techniques into your gameplay gradually and adapt them to different situations. With practice and experience, you will become a more agile and formidable player in CS:GO.

Author: Justin Ward